Only This Powerhouse Husband-and-Wife Team Could Design the Trippy Le Turtle Restaurant Graphics

Originally published on Eye on Design.

The opening of Le Turtle, the buzzy new downtown NYC restaurant from Taavo Somer of Freemans and Carlos Quirarte of The Smile, marks a series of firsts. Apart from it being the first business to occupy the corner of Rivington and Chrystie that seems unlikely to succumb to the bad luck that subsumed its previous tenants, it’s the first restaurant in a while with an identity design that’s garnered just as much notoriety as its “French new wave” menu and the baggy grey prison jumpsuits its servers wear as they bring you monstrous plates of golden, whole-roasted chicken and a mushroom dish one blog describes as “a really luxurious bowl of forest floor.”

The striking, hot pink and black identity and web design also marks several firsts for designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree. Separately, the two are responsible for some of the most recognizable design projects created in the past few years—Sobierajski working independently as an art director and designer, and Jeffree designing at Sagmeister & Walsh, Mother, and now on his own. And though they’re a couple and have explored their relationship as partners and designers in the Complements Project, this was the first time they decided to work together for a client.