I’ve Got Issues—and I Shared Them All with magCulture

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of magCulture, Jeremy Leslie’s independent magazine blog, studio, and now brick-and-mortar shop in London, so I was chuffed when they asked me to partake in their new series called Issues, “a look through the magazine stacks and shelves of various magaholics…. from all areas of the creative industry, asking them… to select three publications to share with us: a new one, an old one, and a detail that they particularly admire.

“To start the New Year, we’re in NYC’s Brooklyn visiting Perrin Drumm, the editorial director at AIGA who launched the Eye on Design blog just last year.

“When we contacted Perrin about the feature, it was perfect timing as she’d just gone magazine shopping as she explained in this quick note: ‘I was just at Berlin’s do you read me?! for hours having a real kid-in-a-candy-store moment, so I’m in prime condition to tackle this column. My levels are all topped up.’”

A good weekend begins with a good stack of magazines. See my picks at magCulture.com.