The Honest Way to Grow Your Instagram to 130k+

Latergramme, the Instagram scheduling app I simply could not live without, recently interviewed me about how to authentically grow a large, loyal following.

I started the @AIGAdesign handle as a strategic move, but I knew it’d be fun for me to manage, too. All the juicy bits are in the interview (as are the drier, practical bits), but here’s a quick takeaway of what I’ve learned after ’gramming like it’s my job for the past year and a half:

  • Honor your audience.
  • Go with your gut. (If your gut and your user engagement don’t align, it’s time to rethink your strategy.)
  • Ignore the haters. It’s the internet and they’re everywhere. That’s what the “delete comment” option is for.
  • Analytics only tell part of the story.
  • Make new friends + engage with the community. You know those handles with tons of posts and followers, but that follow just one or two (or zero!) people? That sucks. That’s not social media, that’s circus barking.
  • Have fun and don’t take it too seriously. People can smell that shit.