Perrin Drumm is a writer, an editor, and a lady.

Magazine maker; preoccupied with print, down with digital, appalling at alliteration.

Executive editor of 99U. Founder of Eye on Design, published by AIGA, the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organization in America. Sign up for the newsletter to get the latest stories and to pre-order issue #01 of Eye on Design magazine, out March 2018.

Things I’ve written lately: “Drowning in Data — Making the unknown known with Mona Chalabi” for Riposte; a new monthly column about design and nonsense for 99U.

Other things I’ve written about: theremin music, Mexican soap operas, mycelium mushroom architecture, Muppets, money, modern day slavery, silent movies, action movies, Miranda July, Stanley Kubrick, Oscar Award history, magazine design history, and artful nuns.

Instagram @perrindrumm + Twitter @perrindrumm